Simple, Free Online File Storage

DropBoks Logo

I found a nice site today with a refreshingly simple interface to upload and securely store up to 1GB of files online. At, there are no long forms to fill out. No applications to download and install. You just navigate to the page, login, upload and download files as needed.

This is some of what they have to say on their site…

DropBoks is a little website that allows you to securely upload and download your files as you please. No bells, no whistles, just an easy and quick way to store your files online.

Each account has 1 GB of storage space available. You can upload and download files (any format) as large as 50 MB.

DropBoks was created by a small team of people who are passionate about making web applications that don’t suck. We are fanatical about usability and believe that the interface should never get in the way of what the user is trying to do.

Well, I agree. Simple interface? Yep. Doesn’t Suck? Nope. Would I recommend it? Sure. One note.. Safari isn’t supported as of this writing, but the app works like a charm with FireFox 2.0 on my Mac.

If you need a way to quickly move files from work or school to home or vise-versa, this looks like the app for you. So simple even Grandma could pick it up and at a price Grandpa would love.