The Best Open Source and Freeware Applications

I’ve been bookmarking many of the better open source and freeware applications and tools out there and finally decided to compile a list. I’ll continue to update the list as time allows. Thanks to all the people out there who provide these great tools to the rest of us.

Office Applications/Word Processing

Desktop Tools/Resources

Virtual Desktops

Online File Storage


Personal Finance/Information

Sticky Notes


Text/HTML/CSS Editors

Desktop Publishing

Maps/Geo Location

Content Management Systems/Tools





Project Management




Instant Messaging/Telephony

Blogging Tools

Web Based Email

CD/DVD Burning


Browsers/File Sharing/Email/News Readers

Online AntiVirus


System Tools

17 thoughts on “The Best Open Source and Freeware Applications”

  1. I really appreciate the time you took to make this list!

    I work for a company that is always trying to help customers get the goods for free, and this site has proven to be an incredible resource!

    Thanks again!!

  2. I appreciated that you took the time to get this list up. Some of them are really useful such as the Office Application and System Utilities.

    I supposed you have arranged them in order of preferences. I have noticed some of them are not useful anymore – either has been acquired or the ranking has dropped.

    Such as:
    RAV Antivirus – It has been acquired by Microsoft.
    Comodo Antivirus – is far worse in terms of detection as compared to Avast, AVG, Antivir.
    1st Page 2006 (latest freeware) – is comparable to Dreamweaver in areas whereby anyone whom likes to do hand-on coding with a two panes view.

  3. thanks for the feedback. I’ve not really been maintaining this list and probably should update it soon. There’s really no hierarchy in the listings as far as preferences, features, pricing, etc. It just something I compiled quikly.

  4. I’m building a site, and we project on our little Company to have have a full autonome desk/dashboard.
    Things are changing thanks to people like you.
    Many thanks for your work.

  5. Great site. Thanks for the effort you’ve put into this. Many of these I was familiar with, but with so many choices out there it’s easy to lose track of what’s what. Add to that all the one’s I didn’t know about, and thanks to you I do now.

    Again, thanks.

  6. Great resource, but I’d like to recommend two tools that I think are the cream-of-the-crop.

    Text/HTML/CSS editor:

    Project manager:
    (this next project is one to watch — it’s great for time tracking, collaborative project and task management, calendaring, e-mail… pretty excellent, although it doesn’t integrate well with other resources like IMAP folders or LDAP address books.)

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