Transformers Movie Wallpapers

Autobot Wallpaper

Autobots 1

Autobot Wallpaper

Autobots 2

Decepticon Wallpaper

Decepticons 1

Decepticon Wallpaper

Decepticons 2

Optimus Prime Movie Wallpaper

Optimus Prime

Ironhide Movie Wallpaper


Bumblebee Movie Wallpaper


Jazz Movie Wallpaper


Megatron Movie Wallpaper


Blackout Movie Wallpaper


Starscream Movie Wallpaper


Frenzy Movie Wallpaper


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689 thoughts on “Transformers Movie Wallpapers”

  1. its the fantastic work you hav done yaar ,,,its the great work hats off to you dudes …..
    expect some more rom you now …..
    IRON MAN see ya soon

  2. I think transfomers is the coolest movie I ever seen.I even have 12 toys of them. I think the coolest transfomer are bumbulbee,jazzand megatron.

  3. i really really love transformers…thank u so much for those bloody awesome designs! could u add the rest of the characters pls? i’d love to see Ratchet and Bonecrusher. :)
    keep up the good work!

  4. u guys have kool pics but where is scorponok, barricade and ratchet.PS: TRY AND EMAIL ME IF U GOT RATCHET WALLPAPER, HIS ONE OF MY FAVORITES!

  5. the wallpapers r mad, maybe next time u can get one with ironhide and starscream cause their the most powerful characters in transformers!

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