Transformers Movie Wallpapers

Autobot Wallpaper

Autobots 1

Autobot Wallpaper

Autobots 2

Decepticon Wallpaper

Decepticons 1

Decepticon Wallpaper

Decepticons 2

Optimus Prime Movie Wallpaper

Optimus Prime

Ironhide Movie Wallpaper


Bumblebee Movie Wallpaper


Jazz Movie Wallpaper


Megatron Movie Wallpaper


Blackout Movie Wallpaper


Starscream Movie Wallpaper


Frenzy Movie Wallpaper


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689 Responses to Transformers Movie Wallpapers

  1. Zaki says:

    My Kids WILL Be “WOW…..HORE”

  2. Danny says:


  3. Andre says:

    This is awsome man

  4. guru says:

    its the fantastic work you hav done yaar ,,,its the great work hats off to you dudes …..
    expect some more rom you now …..
    IRON MAN see ya soon

  5. khaye says:


  6. SlyViper says:

    Ratchet and Barricade wallpapers would be nice.

  7. Nnadkumar says:

    i love this movie verymuch.these are the wallpapers all the time.!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hari says:


  9. eliseo says:

    I think transfomers is the coolest movie I ever seen.I even have 12 toys of them. I think the coolest transfomer are bumbulbee,jazzand megatron.

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  11. neo says:

    its so fantastic
    i very like this film
    thx for pictures

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  13. Dan Da Man says:

    Transformers is alsome. you have too make a second one

  14. gon says:

    OMG!!!!!SO GREAT!!!!can’t wait for transformers two!!!!

  15. Tyler says:

    Thank you,
    we have been trying to find great Transformers pics. These are THE BEST!!!!

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  17. Alvin says:

    Cool wallpapers! Hope we can include these for downloads on our forum:

  18. nadj says:

    i really really love transformers…thank u so much for those bloody awesome designs! could u add the rest of the characters pls? i’d love to see Ratchet and Bonecrusher. :)
    keep up the good work!

  19. plug says:

    the most WOWOWEEEE!!!!!transformers pix…nice job…thnks…^^

  20. insaf ali says:

    one of my best best ever film

  21. Delkaizer says:

    Great !!!! Wallpaper thank you

  22. Stacey says:

    These pis are great but I would like to see barricade.

  23. Lilz says:

    fab i love them

  24. Laura says:

    Awesome pictures! Just what I have been looking for.

  25. nell says:


  26. piumal says:

    thanks for this wallpapers. i liked them

  27. sanath says:

    its mind bogling

  28. Final Form Cooler says:

    u guys have kool pics but where is scorponok, barricade and ratchet.PS: TRY AND EMAIL ME IF U GOT RATCHET WALLPAPER, HIS ONE OF MY FAVORITES!

  29. Pianzzz says:

    Five Starr

  30. Twilight Prince says:

    your the man but where is ratchet, brawl, barricade, bonecrusher and scorponok

  31. Twilight Prince says:

    the wallpapers r mad, maybe next time u can get one with ironhide and starscream cause their the most powerful characters in transformers!

  32. Jips says:

    nice.. wallpapers.. kep up da good work man ^^

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