14 thoughts on “Funny Public Service Announcement”

  1. Wow. Super job on the comments. Cooties are something kids play games about. They don’t literally mean something adults get. It’s a joke. Laugh. You’re ruining it by being boring.

  2. Actually cooties are head lice. It’s just meant to be a play on the whole “ewww cooties!” phenomenon.
    Those kids are decent actors!

  3. That was cute, but there is a much more dangerous affliction, namely Chirpes.
    You get it from birds.
    It’s a canarial disease.
    It is untweetable.

  4. Wow you guys are dumb, cooties aren’t equatable to headlice or anything and oh god my brain is hurting from your stupidity.

  5. cooties:
    Highly Contagious, Viral batecteria that breed inside young females and are released into the air via sweat glands when in the proximity of other young boys.
    Various forms of protection include, Sprays, Suits, and name calling.

  6. I had Cooties once. A long time ago. Then I had a birthday party, and one of my friends stole my Cooties. That was a fun game. I WANT MY COOTIES BACK! Why would you just take someone else’s Cooties?

  7. awww that was funny/cute! I thought it was awesome. I also work on Public Service Announcements, short films, and work as a radio DJ at my school. I think rocks!

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