Those Looney Celebs

Looney Tunes Tom Cruise

With all the media scrutiny the darker side of celebrity life is destined to make it to a computer screen near you. Some of these folks seem to have been caught in just moment of bad judgement, but other seem to actually dwell in those moments.

It’s amazing how removed some of these celebrities seem to be from real life. One case in point.. Mr. Tom Cruise. His latest incoherent rant about scientology has the whole internet buzzing and has spawned a huge amount of chatter and ultimately a slew of parodies. If you haven’t seen the original video, you should watch it here before you continue on…

And the parodies begin….

I couldn’t resist featuring a few other celebs in their less than finer moments…. Get help people. Please. Please. I’m serious.

The Apology Awards

Britney Spears

David Hasselhoff

And Wacko Jacko of course… Who could forget the King of Weird?

note: original Tom Cruise illustration by Joe Bluhm

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