Warming up to web mood boards

I’ve noticed a lot more traffic lately to a post I originally wrote in 2007 about mood boards and prototyping for web projects. It seems that the idea is finally beginning to get some traction, or at least people are warming up to the idea. Check out the original post. There are some examples, and a free photoshop file that you’re welcome to use as a starter.

Sample Mood Boards

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  • View Mood Board Sample

more examples

Rediscovering TED

I used to frequent the TED website and was always a fan of the talks and the range of topics. As time went on, I got busier and busier and eventually time to keep up with all of my favorite blogs, feeds, and video content sites dropped off significantly. I finally started making some time again to rediscover TED.. even installed the iPhone app so I could have it on the go. I’m so glad I finally got back around to catch talks like this one where author Elizabeth Gilbert muses about creative genius. Set aside the 20 minutes for this video, I know you’ll be glad you did.

Sweet Design Critique


TO: All Eagle Brand Employees
FROM: Jim Wesson (EVP, Enterprise Sales)
RE: Design Critique of New Eagle Brand Letter Head Design

Sandra (and all),

First, many thanks to Renée for forwarding the new designs to everyone on the company list. Sandra, I know you were reluctant to get input from everyone, but I think we all can agree how important it is to get lots of eyes on something as important as the new “Eagle Brand Enterprise Stool Cover, Inc.” letterhead. I think it was in an in-flight magazine that Rim Coolhouse recently said “BRAND IN DESIGN IS DESTINY IN E-COMMERCE AND BRICK MORTAR.” Although that might have been the Guy Yamaha guy with the world change book. Not important.
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Weeble Machines

Okay, first hour of 2009 and already the Internets have shown me curious and wonderful things. The videographer called this “Machines That Almost Fall Over” Okay, I like it from an artistic standpoint.. although I’d be hard-pressed to assign any rational meaning to it. I think I would have called it “Machines That Waste 62 Seconds of Your Time” or maybe “Machines That Wobble But They Won’t Fall Down”.