Adventure Parasail of Virginia Beach

Adventure Parasail and Rudee Inlet Jet Ski of Virginia Beach launched their new site just before the Memorial Day weekend. Adventure Parasail operates from Rudee Inlet at the south end of the Virginia Beach oceanfront and runs parasail tours from 9:00 am daily.

The new website style was based on the company’s existing print ads, which were fun, colorful and enticing. Even in it’s infancy, the Adventure Parasail website has had a great deal of visitor traffic due to the client publishing the URL in print ads as well as working dilligently to get the site listed in travel and vacation portal sites.

Take a minute and check out the site at and if you’re in the Virginia Beach area, take some time to go down to Rudee Inlet, meet the folks and take a parasail tour. You can’t beat it.

404 Creative Partners with TriMarc LLC

404 Creative Studios has been comissioned by TriMarc LLC, a Native American company in Browing Montana, to handle all of their corporate branding, website design and promotional needs. We’re proud to be associated with the company which is located on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. TriMarc LLC offers a wide variety of services including construction, disaster relief, and fire fighting to name a few.

Our first project was to create the logo shown below.

Trimarc LLC Logo Created By 404 Creative Studios

We’re finally off and running

Well, I finally got an opportunity to set up this blog. I’m not sure how active I’ll be with it, but for now I have plenty of ideas. I’m always being asked how I did something in Photoshop or where I found that neat little widget. I guess this is where all of those usefull (or maybe not so usefull) tidbits will end up.