A New Deal and A New iPhone

iPhone Sale

It appears my resistance to the initial iPhone hype paid off. As the whole world knows by now, on the 5th of this month, Apple announced a drastic price drop ($200) on both the 8GB and 4GB iPhone models. As a friend put it..”That makes it almost reasonable.” I knew that it wouldn’t be long until a second generation model would be ready to roll out, and the first models would drop in price significantly.
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A Lesson from Bikers

Happy Biker

One thing I really enjoy about riding my motorcycle is the way other riders throw their arm out and wave when you pass to acknowledge you. It’s kind of a “Hey, you’re part of the club” thing that makes the whole experience even more fulfilling. I wonder, why don’t we do that when we drive our cars? How about when we’re pushing that shopping cart down the aisle?

What if we all took the time to wave and greet a passing shopper or motorist? What could happen? Maybe someone would actually wave back and smile. We just might start a trend. It sounds like a worthwhile experiment to me.

Help Be Their Voice

I have to tell you that I’m completely appalled lately by all of the pet abuse stories that are on the news almost every day. From Michael Vick and the dog fighting charges, to some local Dallas stories where a dog named Mercy was doused with gasoline and burned to death, or another dog was thrown from a second story window and ended up in a dumpster. There are too many other stories not unlike like the guy who hoarded animals and had several dead cats in his refrigerator.

Sadly, I realize this isn’t something new or too far from the norm, it’s just these few cases have actually made it into the news. I just can’t begin to understand what could lead to such atrocities. We’ve been given an awesome responsibility to help take care of these animals and I invite you to join me in supporting the ASPCA. If you don’t have time to get involved in any other way, take a few minutes and make a donation of some sort to help care for these abused and neglected animals. It might cut into your Starbucks budget a bit, but the rewards are truly worth it. Take a minute and make a difference today.


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