36 Reasons Why Web and Software Projects Fail

This has been around for a while, but when I go back to it from time to time, I still see many of these that sound all too familiar. These 36 points are taken from Steve McConnell’s “Case Study in Classic Mistakes”. If you follow the link through to Steve’s site, all of these points are addressed in more detail. Here’s the quick list. Some might just ring a bell.
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Still Stuck on the Fold

Well, I’ve recently run across yet another client that thinks users haven’t grasped the concept of the browser scroll bar. Usually, that really comes down to the client themselves not knowing how to use the tool, and they project their concerns as though it’s a real usability problem. After all these years, you would think this argument would go away, but it still rears its head from time to time.
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PNG Optimizer for Macs

Update: There is a new version of the PNG Optimizer now called PNG Thing. You can find it over at the Apple Fanboyz site.

My friend Nick never could find a PNG image optimizer to his liking. We found the PNGpong dashboard widget, but Nick’s not a fan of the OSX dashboard so, being the swell guy that he is, he decided to make his own version and share it with you for free.

PngOptimizer is powered by the OptiPNG library and built with Ruby and Platypus and don’t flame Nick over the icon… he doesn’t like it that much either. The application will optimize any PNG (or folder of PNGs) dropped onto it. Once the optimization is complete, PngOptimizer will notify you via Growl with the total number of images it has optimized and how many kilobytes you have saved. Check it out and leave a comment if you would like to let him know what you think.

PngOptimizer v1.0 for Mac (360kb DMG)

Sporting A New Look

If you’ve been to this site before, you’ve probably noticed the new visual refresh. I wanted to organize things a little differently, and update the overall style to something a little more fresh and simple. The site is always a work in progress, so I hope to keep improving it in the near future. Any comments on the new look are appreciated.