An Event Apart Seattle – Day 2

An Event Apart Seattle
Jason Santa Maria talks about designing your way out of a paper bag on day 1

The An Event Apart conference has been particularly inspiring and eye-opening in many respects. It’s definatly one of best conference’s I’ve ever been to in terms of really relevant information presented by really qualified individuals. I have thoroughly enjoyed the pragmatic approach to web design and web standards discussed by the presenters. We’re half way through day 2… just 3 more sessions left and we’re done. I kind of find myself wishing there was more. I guess I’ll have to make sure and hit the event again next year sometime.

An Event Apart Seattle Photo Group

An Event Apart Seattle


I’m still sitting here in the Seattle airport waiting on my friend Carl to fly in from Virginia Beach. We’re doing some of the tourist things today and getting geared up for the An Event Apart Conference at the Bell Harbor Convention Center all day tomorrow and Friday. The presenter line-up is great and I know I’m going to pick up some really good information. The trip came at a great time too, I was way ready to get out of the office for a few days and go somewhere new.

An Event Apart Website

Run Multiple Instances of Internet Explorer

Internet Exploder Browser

It’s not like I really have any love for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but as a developer I am faced with making sure my sites work in all of the modern browsers. Microsoft, in their infinate wisdom built their browser to be so highly integrated into the operating system so it’s almost impossible to natively have 2 different versions of the application installed. The problem is that many people haven’t upgraded to IE7 so I needed to have a separate machine with IE6 (with automatic updates turned off) to be able to test for that sector of the market.

I ran across this page detailing how to install and run multiple instaces of IE on the same machine. Yes, you can run IE7 and IE6 at the same time this way. Mulitple versions of Internet Explorer… it sounds good but I somehow still feel dirty. If you just can’t bring yourself to install the others, maybe this handy web tool will bridge the gap.

Pixelmator Image Editor for Mac OS X

Note: Pixelmator has been out for a short while now and has established a pretty good fan base. They just updated to version 1.1 and have added several new features that make it even a better value.

Pixelmator, presents itself as a beautifully designed, easy-to-use, powerful image editing solution for Mac OS X. It has a full assortment of the most widely used painting, gradient, blending and retouching tools along with a complete set of advanced selection tools. Layer-based editing is also a feature (as any good graphics app should have these days) and there are some interesting additonal features as well. You can import and image from the iSight camera directly into a layer as well drag and drop images from your iPhoto library directly into a layer.

Pixelmator Image Editor for Mac OS X
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Lucky Oliver, Stock Photos with Style

I recently became aware of a new stock photo resource called Lucky Oliver. I was immediately taken with the design of the site and intrigued by the carnival theme that carries through the site. The budget pricing model caught my eye too as I use lots of stock photography and don’t always want to pay $75 or more for a small web-resolution image. A dollar for a blog-sized photo… now that works for me.

Lucky Oliver

I was pleased to actually find a good selection of quality images on the site. The search was fast and once you choose an image to preview, it’s easy to see any of the other images or sets associated with it. Again, the interface and layout are well thought (iStockPhoto always feels a little clunky to me) out and the flow through the site seems pretty natural. You can tell that they designed the site to let the photos be the focus.
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