Weeble Machines

Okay, first hour of 2009 and already the Internets have shown me curious and wonderful things. The videographer called this “Machines That Almost Fall Over” Okay, I like it from an artistic standpoint.. although I’d be hard-pressed to assign any rational meaning to it. I think I would have called it “Machines That Waste 62 Seconds of Your Time” or maybe “Machines That Wobble But They Won’t Fall Down”.

Sketch Your Favorite Mugger

Been mugged, robbed, swindled or do you just feel the need to sketch a face? This handy flash face generator will fill the bill. You can even print a copy to show your friends or the local crime watch. I’m not sure what part of it kept me glued to the page for an hour.. probably that everyone I drew looked like some programmer I knew. Go draw a face and save having to hire that pesky police sketch artist.

More Design Goodness from Neil Duerden

I posted a while back about the great work that artist Neil Duerden had on his site. I’m still enthralled with all of the flowing organic shapes, the color and the moods his work creates. Swing by his site and see for yourself.. much goodness to be had. More photos after the jump.
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Something Funky: Art and Photography by Jeff Koons

art by Jeff Koons

I completely stumbled upon this great gathering of funky art and photography from artist Jeff Koons. I’m not sure what I like about it the most but am definitely a fan of the color, the odd subject matter and the overall vibe I get from his pieces. You should really check them out for yourself… especially if you’re a big monkey fan