Sweet Design Critique


TO: All Eagle Brand Employees
FROM: Jim Wesson (EVP, Enterprise Sales)
RE: Design Critique of New Eagle Brand Letter Head Design

Sandra (and all),

First, many thanks to Renée for forwarding the new designs to everyone on the company list. Sandra, I know you were reluctant to get input from everyone, but I think we all can agree how important it is to get lots of eyes on something as important as the new “Eagle Brand Enterprise Stool Cover, Inc.” letterhead. I think it was in an in-flight magazine that Rim Coolhouse recently said “BRAND IN DESIGN IS DESTINY IN E-COMMERCE AND BRICK MORTAR.” Although that might have been the Guy Yamaha guy with the world change book. Not important.
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A Humorous Look at the Design Process

This video will ring home as ever so true to any designer out there. The clients who want to micromanage every part of the process, but tell you to “do what you do best” and “be creative, we trust you.” You would think that designing a stop sign would be a pretty straightforward process, but alas, our hero discovers otherwise. Have a watch and a laugh.